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Kundalini Yoga
 Gong Bath

 exclusive, personal attention
 flexible scheduling
 precise custom programs
 maximum results
 comfort and privacy of home
 motivation, inspiration

The aim of yoga one to one is to practice the ideal yoga for each individual!. Everyone is different, and so the yoga best suited to each person is unique. The beauty of the one to one method is that it enables every individual to be treated in exactly the right way for them. This is what makes it so beneficial. 

Yoga and Gong Bath one to one £ 80 

Six week course

Break old habits and develop new ones, in 40 days

In this 6 week course (one class a week) you will get a chance to go deeper into the understanding of the basic principles of the technology of Kundalini Yoga.

You will work on particular sets for specific results and receive a full explanation of the sets, called “kriyas”.

Often a student of Kundalini Yoga chooses (together with the teacher) a specific kriya/meditation to effect a desired change and then practices the kriya/meditation for 40 days.

Six week course £ 450



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